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With the boost Indian industry has been experiencing this past decade, host of non-clinical career options have opened up; Insurance, Pharma, Clinical research & IT to name a few. These industries offer lucrative career options. IDG will post such opportunities for the practitioners. Update and polish up your CV today, if looking for an opening.

Careers in Insurance

Post liberalization, India's GDP has consistently remained above 6% per annum for more than a decade now. With the opening of Life / Health Insurance sector to private players, Doctors now have exciting opportunities in the corporate world. Openings are available in life/health insurance companies primarily in Underwriting and Claims function.

Let us understand the role a Doctor can play in Insurance sector...

'Underwriting' is a specialized function requiring technical expertise. An underwriter is the 'Risk Manager' for an insurance company i.e. an underwriter decides whether the risk of the life to be insured is acceptable to the company and if so at what premium. An underwriter on behalf of the company scrutinizes various aspects related to the medical history / investigation. Herein requires special expertise of Doctors who with their medical knowledge and experience are able to interpret the medical findings and decide upon a case.

Similarly for Claims management, Doctors are known to be excellent Claim Assessors particularly for claims related to health insurance. Claim assessment is done after receiving a claim intimation from a client insured by the company. At this stage, the doctor donning the role of claim assessor scrutinizes the medical reports and investigates as to whether the claim is admissible and / or payable or not.

In both these functions, Doctors by applying medical knowledge to insurance can play a pivotal role in effective risk management of the company thereby ensuring profitability to the company.

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