Rhabdomyolysis is defined as an injury of the striated muscle, resulting in hypotension, haemoconcentration and acute renal failure. Rhabdomyolysis should be suspected in a patient with muscle injury whose urine has turned brown. Victims of accidents and patients who have been found unconscious (for example because of intoxication) are particularly at risk. Patients present with myoglobinuria, oliguria, and anuria. The S creatine kinase (CK) is raised - (> 10,000 U/L), as is the S creatinine. primary care includes correction of hypovolaemia and dehydration, diuresis, rehydration, correction of acidosis, Fasciotomy or excision of of necrotic muscle. Dialysis is indicated in patients with renal failure and anuria by the same criteria as in renal failure caused by other diseases.


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