Dr Jayesh Kakar - Consultant Surgeon

Dr Jayesh Kakar - Consultant Surgeon

Practice details

  • Consulting Chambers: Leg & Foot Clinic, Ganga Vihar, 174 SV Road, Opp Bank Of India, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 058. Tel: 26283180, 26250678.
    The clinic is focused towards the evaluation and treatment of Diabetic Feet and Peripheral Vascular disorders. Patients are evaluated clinically using the following equipment:
    • Biothesiometer - For early detection of Peripheral Neuropathy
    • CW Doppler - To assess vascular status
    • Infrared Thermometer - A must to measure skin temperature and extremely useful to detect early infection and for monitoring excess activity.
    • Plantar Stats - To detect areas of increased pressure on the foot and thereby prevent ulceration in damaged feet or prevent recurrent ulceration, by the use of orthotics.
    • Color Doppler
    An Orthotist designs and provides various customized footwear and other foot aids to patients.
    A Psychiatrist assesses patients and helps them in lifestyle modifications as needed. Towards these ends, psychotherapy and other therapies are stressed upon, with nil/negligible usage of drugs.
    Domiciliary Podiatric services are offered routinely to all patients.
  • Consultant Diabetic Foot Surgeon: Breach Candy Hospital, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai-400026. Tel: 23667788.
  • Consultant Diabetic Foot Surgeon: BSES MG Hospital, SV Road, Andheri (W) - managed by the Brahma Kumaris Global Hospital and Research Center-Mumbai-400 058. Tel: 66487500.

Previous Attachments

  • Consultant Diabetic Foot & Vascular Surgeon : Sir HN Hospital & Research Centre, Prarthana Samaj, Mumbai
  • Consultant Surgeon : Guru Nanak Hospital, Bandra(E), Mumbai

Areas of Special Interest

  • Management and rehabilitation of patients with Diabetic foot disorders.
  • Management of peripheral vascular disorders like Varicose Veins, Deep venous thrombosis, Spider veins as well as problems of arterial origin and vascular trauma management.
  • Comprehensive management of leg problems & non healing wounds, is my forte.

Talks & Interactive Lectures

Have conducted various lectures on Management of Diabetic foot problems, Varicose Veins, Non Healing Wounds at various fora for Medical Professionals as well as general public.