Dr Prafulla Gopinath Kerkar - Interventional cardiologist

Dr Prafulla Gopinath Kerkar - Interventional cardiologist


  • 1981 - M.B.B.S.- University of Bombay
  • 1986 - M.D. (Int. Medicine)-University of Bombay
  • 1989 - D.M. (Cardiology)- University of Bombay
  • 1989 - D.N.B. (Cardiology)- National Board of Examinations, New Delhi
  • FACC (USA)


Current professional appointments

  • Registrar in Cardiology (May 31, 1987 to July 31, 1989 & Oct 31, 1989 to Jan 31, 1991), K.E.M.H., Bombay
  • House Officer in Cardiology (August 1, 1986 to May 30, 1987), K.E.M.H. Bombay
  • Registrar in Intensive Cardiac Care and Medical Intensive Care Unit (Mar 1, 1984 to Feb 28, 1986), Rajawadi Hospital, Bombay.
  • House Officer in Internal Medicine (Sept 1, 1983 to Feb 29,1984), K.E.M.H. Bombay
  • House Officer in I.C.C.U. (March 1, 1983 to August 31, 1983), R. N. Cooper Hospital, Bombay
  • Rotating Internship (December 20, 1981 to December 20, 1982), K.E.M.H. Bombay
  • Been at Seth GS Medical College and KEMH since 1977.
  • Cardiology Faculty member - 15 years
  • Currently Professor and Head of Department of Cardiology, Interventional Cardiologist performing coronary, valvular and pediatric interventions.
  • Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at ASIAN Heart Institute
  • Internship and Residency in Medicine and Cardiology at KEMH
  • Interventional Fellow in Frankfurt, Germany- 1 year
  • Research Fellow in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Observer-Trainee in Interventions, Cleveland, USA, Toulouse, France and Milan, Italy.
  • Visiting Professor to the Michigan State University, USA.
  • Post graduate teacher for DM in Cardiology, Bombay University.
  • Examiner for DM Cardiology in Bombay University,
  • CTC Pune, Shree Chitra Tirunal, Kerala
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
  • President Elect-Cardiological Society of India, Mumbai Chapter, 2004
  • President of Cardiological Society of India, Mumbai Chapter, 2005-06

Awards & Affiliations

  • Hargobind Medical Foundation Scholar- 1995
  • JN Tata Endowment Scholar- 1995
  • TCT award for the most challenging Asia Pacific case- 2005
  • Life Member of the Cardiological Society of India
  • President of the Mumbai Branch of the Cardiological Society of India, 2000
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
  • President of Mumbai Chapter of Cardiological Society of India,2005-2006

Papers, Presentation & Research

Publications - International

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  • valvuloplasty in a patient with mitral stenosis. Cathet Cardiovasc Diag 1994;31:127-129
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