Dr Vrajesh Udani - Paed neuro

Dr Vrajesh Udani - Paed neuro


  • APPROACH TO COMA: Bombay Pediatric Society. Cooper Hospital, Bombay. February 1990
  • CLINICAL ASPECTS OF CHILDHOOD EPILEPSIES: Symposium on Epilepsy at the annual meeting of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Bangalore, Karnataka. June 1990
  • CLINICAL APPROACH TO DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY: Indian Medical Association, Bombay branch. Lecture to general practitioners, Sir H.N. Hospital, Bombay
  • DIABETIC NEUROPATHY: Lecture at the Raheja hospital, Bombay.
  • NEONATAL SEIZURES; Symposium on neonatal neurology; Inlaks Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra
  • PROBLEMS: National Neonatology Forum, Workshop on interventional programs in development of high risk newborns. Pune, Maharashtra
  • CHILDHOOD EPILEPSIES: Indian Academy of Pediatrics District conference. Surendranagar. Gujarat
  • CHILDHOOD EPILEPSIES:NEONATAL SEIZURES: Sangli Pediatricians group. Sangli Maharashtra.
  • COMA: EPILEPSY: THE FLOPPY INFANT: Pediatric Society of Nasik.
  • Nasik,Maharashtra
  • EPILEPSY: Pediatric Society of Gwalior. Medical College Gwalior. Gwalior, MP
  • EPILEPSY: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, District meeting. Bhopal. MP
  • LEARNING DISABILITIES: Lectures for teachers under training for special education. MSc students SNDT Women's University. Bombay.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: Lecture to teachers of the Institute for Research & Treatment of those in need of Special Care. Bombay
  • NEUROLOGIC EXAMINATION OF THE NEWBORN:MANAGEMENT OF HYDROCEPHALUS: CME lectures for general practitioners at the P.D.Hinduja Hospital. Bombay


  • INTRACTABLE EPILEPSIES: Neurology Update. Sir JJ Group of Hospitals. Bombay
  • NEWER IMAGING TECHNIQUES IN PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY: Annual conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. 24-26th Jan. 1991. Hyderabad. India
  • NEONATAL SEIZURES:INTRACRANIAL INFECTIONS: Surat Pediatric Society, Surat, Gujarat. 10 th. Feb. 1991
  • NEUROGENETIC DISORDERS: Center of Research in Mental Retardation. Malad, Bombay. 7th. Feb. 1991
  • NEWER CONCEPTS IN ANTIEPILEPTIC DRUGS;COMA: Forum for Pediatric postgraduates. Indira Gandhi Medical College. Nagpur. Feb. 24th. 1991
  • EPILEPSY: Medical College, Aurangabad. Maharashtra
  • COMA: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Hubli branch and Pediatric Society of Hubli. Hubli, Karnataka. 15th. June 1991
  • Workshop on LD. 17th. July, 1991
  • NEONATAL SEIZURES: Association of Pediatricians of Goa. Panjim, Goa. 25th. August. 1991
  • SEIZURE DISORDERS-MANAGEMENT: CME for general practitioners. Hinduja Hospital. Bombay. 7th. Aug. 1991
  • EARLY SIGNS OF CEREBRAL PALSY: Center for research in Mental Retardation. Malad, Bombay. 19th. Sept. 1991
  • NEONATAL SEIZURES: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Nasik branch. Nasik, Maharashtra. 25th. Nov. 1991
  • PROBLEMS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF CHILDHOOD EPILEPSY: Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh and the Indian college of Physians. 1st. CME Program. 8th. Nov. 1991.
  • EARLY SIGNS OF CEREBRAL PALSY: Shanmukhananda Medical Society. Matunga, Bombay. 24th. Dec. 1991


  • NEONATAL SEIZURES AND THEIR EFFECT ON DEVELOPMENT: XXIX National Conference of the Indian academy of Pediatrics. 9-12th Jan.1992
  • NEONATAL SEIZURES: Symposium on Neonatology.LSS Hospital, Kota, Rajasthan. lst. Feb. 1992
  • EPILEPSY: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Thane.22nd.Feb. 1992
  • EPILEPSY:COMA:NEUROLOGIC EMERGENCIES: Indian academy of Pediatrics.Karad branch, Karad, Maharashtra. 8th. March. 1992
  • FEBRILE SEIZURES: Epilepsy Society of India, Pune branch Pune, Maharashtra.15th. March. 1992
  • EPILEPSY: Indian academy of Pediatrics, Goa branch, June 1992.
  • APPROACH TO CNS INFECTION: Indian academy of Pediatrics Baroda branch. 4th Oct. 1992 Baroda, Gujarat


  • CNS INFECTIONS IN CHILDREN: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Ahmedabad branch. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 28th. Feb. 1993
  • NEUROMETABOLIC DISORDERS-A CLINICAL APPROACH: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Jaipur branch. Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sept. 1993
  • INTRACTABLE EPILEPSIES IN CHILDHOOD: Neurological Society of India. Pune branch. Pune Maharashtra
  • NON TUBERCULOUS CNS INFECTIONS- Indian Academy of Pediatrics, District conference. Pune, Maharashtra. 9th Oct. 1993.
  • EPILEPSY: Bhabha Atomic Research Center Association of Doctors. Bombay. 10th. Oct. 1993
  • EPILEPSY IN CHILDHOOD: CNS INFECTIONS: COMA: Indian Academy of Pediatrics Solapur branch. Annual meeting 26th. Sept. 1993.
  • RECENT TRENDS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF CNS TUBERCULOSIS: Jaipur branch of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Jaipur, Rajasthan, 8th Aug. 1993


  • NEUROMETABOLIC DISORDERS: Neurological Society of India, Pune branch, Pune, Maharashtra..17th. April,1994
  • NEUROLOGICAL EMERGENCIES IN CHILDREN: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Surat branch. Surat, Gujarat. 26th. April, 1994
  • NEUROLOGIC EVALUATION IN LEARNING DISABILITIES Symposium on LD at the LTM Medical College, Sion Bombay, 3rd July, 1994
  • CONVULSIONS IN CHILDREN: Vth Maharashtra Pediatric Conference. 1118-20 Nov. 1994 Kohlapur. Maharashtra
  • CAUSES OF COMA: Indian Academy of Pediatrics Bhopal chapter. 18th Sept. 1994, Bhopal, MP