Dr Yojana Nalavade - Consultant Radiologist - Mammography

Dr Yojana Nalavade - Consultant Radiologist - Mammography


  • 1983- M.B.B.S. - Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India
  • 1987- D.M.R.D. - Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai, India
  • 1988- M.D. - Mumbai , India


  • Established sonography practice

Visiting Faculty

  • Sir H.N.Hospital, Prarthana Samaj Road, Mumbai
  • Larsen and Toubro Welfare Centre, Mumbai
  • Asian Institute of Oncology, S.L.Raheja Hospital, Mumbai

Appointments Specialty

  • 1985- House Officer, Internal Medicine ,St.Georges Hospital
  • 1985- House Officer, Internal Medicine, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital
  • 1985-1987 - Registrar , Radiodiagnosis Tata Memorial Hospital
  • 1987-1988 - Post Graduate Student, Radiodiagnosis King Edward V11 Memorial Hospital
  • 1988- 1992- Lecturer Radiodiagnosis Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, LTMG. Hospital

Awards & Affiliations


  • Indian Medical Association
  • Consultants Association of Mumbai
  • Indian Radiology and Imaging Association
  • Vile Parle Medical Association
  • Andheri Medical Association
  • Kandivali medical Association

Papers, Presentation & Research

  • Has pioneered the first dedicated mammography centre called Nutan Mammography Centre this is a clinic meant for women run by women only. This clinic in addition to offering complementary procedures like sonomammography also offers the services of a breast care counsellor without any extra charge, to help train women do Self Breast Examination

Invited Talks

  • Ultrasound workshop, Mumbai, India. March 1992,93,95. Organized by Federation of Obstretic and Gynaecology of India, West Zone. Title:Transvaginal Sonography
  • A lecture and workshop, Indore, India. Aug 1994 Organised by Federation of Ob and Gy Soc of Indore Title: Diagnosis and management of Infertility
  • Anuual Conference of Maharashtra State Radiologist Association. Khandala, India, November 1993, Title: TVS in infertility
  • Lecture at Sir H.N.Hospital Mumbai, April 1994. Organised by General Practitioners Association and Sir H.N.Hospital, Title: Sonography in haematological disorders
  • 5th National Conference on Ultrasound, Madras, India, December 1995 Organised by Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Title:Contrast Sonography in Pelvis
  • Annual Symposium of Indian Menopose Society of India. Mumbai India April 1996,Title:Mammography- Its relevance
  • Prof.P.K.Devi Symposium in Human Endometrium. Mumbai May 96, Title:Role of Sonography in diagnosis of endometrial diseases.
  • Annual Conference of Maharashtra State Branch of Radiologist, Goa Sept 96, Title: How to set up Mammography Clinic
  • Aurangabad Obs and Gyn Society. Sept 96.Title: Mammography
  • Radiology Education Foundation, India,1 st Breast Imaging Course-Basic concepts Nov 20003,Title: Benign Breast Lesions
  • 16 th Annual Scientific Conference of Indian Medical Association, Mumbai West Branch Jan 2004. Title : Imaging of the Breast.
  • Symposium on breast Diseases Kandivli Medical Association, Mumbai Oct 2004,Title: Mammography
  • 3 rd Annual Scientific conference of Andheri Medical Association.Nov 2004 Title: Diagnosis of benign breast diseases
  • 2 nd.Breast imaging update 2005, of Maharashtra state Branch of Indian radiological & imaging Association.12 March 2005.
    Title :
    • Mammography positioning
    • Breast Microcalcifications
  • 21 st Annual Congress. Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology and GI endoscopy Peshawar.Pakistan Workshop on hepatobilliary ultrasound. March 2005
  • Womens India Trust 28 th June 2005, Title: Importance of Mammography
  • CME on Breast disease and practicing Gynaecologist of Association of MadhyaPradesh OB & Gyn society. Indore, Title: Mammography Broader Perspective on 5 th June 2005
  • Indian Radiology Association Chennai-07/01/2006,Title- benign Breast Diseases
  • Medi-Tec 2006, Modern Medicare Health Seminar, HITEX, Hyderabad, Title- Overview of breast Imaging on 20th Feb 2006


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