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Customised Practice Management Software Solutions

IDG has identified the following reasons for the need of software for Indian Doctors:

  • Healthcare scenario in India is vastly different from Western countries:
  • There are no appointments, record keeping & MIS
  • Above 90% practice is cash with minimal or no documentary evidence
  • GOI recently passed a resolution making it mandatory to maintain all medical records for 3 years
  • Penetration of technology is less in India thus family practice focused software is not available
  • Doctors are unable to rid themselves of the vicious cycle of Want to buy computer which software to use? Have been given FREE software not very beneficial!
  • Most of the medical software available in India, follow the western module - major portion devoted to appointments, billing, receipts, detailed capturing of patient data not realizing that the Indian GP spends only 5 minutes per patient.

What does an Indian GP look for in a software?

  • To enhance the quality of his/ her practice - both clinical and administrative
  • To have valuable information at his fingertips and most importantly skills to further the scope of his practice

IDG Software fulfills following criteria

Records patient's data as a family with individuals having subsections of:

  • Day-to-Day treatments (e.g. cough, cold, fever etc)
  • Monitor chronic ailments that require life long monitoring (e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, CAD, Bronchial Asthma, HIV & AIDS etc.)

Built in alerts for:

  • Allergies, Follow up visit, Due payments & Vaccines / other appointments

Ready reckoner

  • Calculators eg BMI, waist hip ratio, safe period etc.
  • All drugs with information like mode of action, indications, dosages, risk profile & drug interactions

Analysis / Findings:

  • Patient's various Analysis and Findings can be maintained with a provisions for internal / external details


  • Date-wise treatment history
  • Allows addition / deletion / editing of records
  • Information can be sorted by category, date, treatment & Doctor
  • All the information is in spreadsheet format which eliminates the need for looking into multiple forms


  • Lists all pending / completed bills
  • Prepares & prints invoices of patients


  • Various reports that can be taken from Software :
    • Appointment Details
    • Payment History
    • Patient Profile
    • Doctors schedule
    • Analysis / Findings Reports
    • Treatment Details

There will be two appointment modules in the system. One is for Doctor and the other for the Front Office.

  1. If the system user is a doctor, when selecting this option the appointments for the doctor for the day is displayed. The Doctor can select an appointment and proceed to the patient's treatment details.
  2. If the system user is not a doctor then the general appointment form is shown. Here all appointments for the day for the clinic irrespective of the Doctors are displayed. The user could fix an appointment by just clicking on the relevant cell on the time schedule.