Patient Relationship Management (PRM)


As practicing physicians, we develop a unique relationship with our patients since they put their life in our hands. The initial faith a patient has in a Doctor comes from the image we have in Society of being compassionate and trust worthy. We have to build on that initial faith. We have to make it stronger by paying extra attention to the relationship. The right prescription or the correct advice is just a basic requirement. That is why a patient comes to a Doctor but he or she comes back again & again only if they feel a sense of belonging with the Doctor. That is much more than just giving a good prescription. It all begins from the time the patient enters your clinic.

How long do they need to wait? How do they pass the time while they wait? One very popular GP has recipe books in his waiting room. Women (over 50% of our patients) have no problem waiting! Do they get a greeting from our staff? How do you greet them when they come into the consultation room? Are your examination tables clean? Do they have oil stains on the pillow? Do you have a female attendant present when examining women? Do you have Body odour or bad breath? Do you look neat & clean & impressive?

Consultation, proper examination in a dignified manner, our bedside manners, our mediquettes all have a bearing on what impression the patient carries home. As the medical practice evolves many patients will be referred by Corporates and Insurance companies. This will force us to increase attention to customer/patient service as the patient comes to us with a preconceived notion & service expectations. It is absolutely mandatory that in addition to us being good at our core competency which is medical treatment, we must live up to his expectations.

Patient Relationship Management (PRM) covers roles and responsibilities of those at our establishments who come in direct contact with patients.