Hydroxychloroquine - in rheumatic diseases

Antimalarials in the treatment of rheumatic diseases Hydroxychloroquine is given in the dose of 5 mg per kg daily (usually 300-400 mg per day), chloroquine phosphate 3 mg per kg daily. The effect of hydroxychloroquine is observed only after 2-3 months from the initiation of the medication. The use of chloroquine has been found to cause deposition of the drug on the cornea or disturbance of accommodation. Maculopathy and retinopathy that may cause visual impairment, visual field defects and disturbance of colour vision are much rarer. Because of adverse ophthalmological effects, follow-up by an ophthalmologist is recommended for younger patients. The patient should be advised to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Hydroxychloroquine should not be given in pregnancy and lactation.


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